Thursday, August 13, 2015

U.S. Navy shipyard sets record with USS Alexandria overhaul

Sub Returned To Fleet Two Weeks Early And $9M Under Budget

Jesse Scardina, Portsmouth (NH) Herald
12 August 2015

KITTERY, MAINE – Portsmouth Naval Shipyard returned the attack submarine USS Alexandria to the Navy’s fleet roughly two weeks early and $9 million under budget, according to a news release.
The engineered overhaul, which began in October 2013, was the quickest in the Navy’s history, according to Public Affairs Officer Danna Eddy. Throughout the 290,000 man-day overhaul, the project team executed both preventive and corrective maintenance while also modernizing some of the ship’s electronics, communications and combat systems.
“With these upgrades, Alexandria is now the Navy’s most technologically advances Los Angeles class attack submarine,” Eddy said in the news release.
Shipyard officials said the project team and ship’s crew adopted best practices from across the NAVSEA enterprise and empowered their teams to collaborate to meet the critical events vital to the overhaul. Project Superintendent Scott Curtis said he applied lessons learned from previous overhauls, and attributed the project team’s success to an engaged and dedicated workforce partnered with the ship’s crew.
“The workforce really took ownership of their work,” Curtis said. “They’re empowered to suggest and implement improvements to ensure first-time quality. Our undocking the ship on time in January with 94 percent work complete set the pace for this record-setting early delivery.”
The Alexandria included a crew of 13 officers and 120 enlisted personnel.
“From her arrival, Alexandria’s project team showed a commitment to safely delivering fist-time quality work,” said Capt. William Greene, PNSY commander. “Our submarines are national assets and we are unified as a team to ensure they can go in harm’s way, defeat enemies in war and return their crews

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