Thursday, November 5, 2015

U.S. submarine arrives in Subic after month at sea

Patricia Lourdes Viray, Philstar
5 November 2015
A United States Navy submarine arrived at Subic Bay on Wednesday for a routine port visit as part of its deployment to the Western Pacific.
Los Angeles-class fast-attack submarine USS Key West was designed for various activities such as anti-submarine and anti-surface ship operations, intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance.
The US Embassy in Manila said the USS Key West's crew of 150 sailors is looking forward to its first stop at Subic Bay after more than a month at sea.
"The 360-foot, 6,900-ton vessel remains one of the stealthiest, most formidable submarines in the world," the embassy said in a statement.
Last August, USS Chicago arrived at Subic Bay to show its latest capabilities. US hospital ship USNS Mercy also arrived for humanitarian and relief missions.

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