Friday, April 22, 2016

India's nuclear submarine test troubles Pakistan

Staff, The Statesman
22 April 2016

Pakistan has showed serious concerns at the recent Indian tests of a Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile and development of a nuclear submarine fleet.
Pakistan Foreign Ministry spokesman termed the Indian move as serious developments, which impact the delicate strategic balance of the region.
"The reported Indian tests have resulted in the nuclearisation of the Indian Ocean, which should be a very worrisome development for the region and the international community," spokesman, Nafees Zikria said at weekly briefing on Thursday.
"The reported SLBM test was not notified to Pakistan," Zikria said, adding that any missile test, whether launched from the surface or submerged platform, can be mistaken by the other country as an offensive missile.
"We, therefore, believe that in line with the spirit of the agreement on the pre-notification of test launch of ballistic missiles, the test should have been notified to Pakistan," he said.

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