Saturday, April 25, 2015

More luxurious than the superyacht experience? The super submarine experience

Image via Triton
Image via Triton
Adam Lehrer/Haute Living
24 April 2015

Yachts just keep getting better, bigger, and more luxurious. It’s getting hard to conceive that there might be even more innovative design in the realm of superyachts. And while it’s more than likely that yachts will continue to dazzle, it seems that the most daring wealthy yachters are abandoning the top of the ocean and diving 20,000 leagues under the sea. Numerous luxury superyacht-deployable submarines have emerged that allow you to do just that.

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image via Triton
Triton Submarines, LLC. is perhaps the most famous company offering a luxury submarine experience. They were established in 2007 specifically for the purpose of designing luxury submarines to be deployed from superyachts. The most coveted of their products is easily the 3300/6 that holds the distinction of being the world’s deepest diving six person submersible. That’s right, you can literally bring five of your buddies on this thing. Who needs beer and Sunday football when you can relax while exploring the depths of the ocean? The submersible allows you to travel 1,000 meters beneath the surface. Might sound scary to some, but utterly thrilling to others.

Image via U.S. Submarines
Image via U.S. Submarines
For those that want to travail the deep blue in style, go with U.S. Submarines’ Discovery 1000. There are versions that carry two, four, and six passengers and not only is the thing extrememly lightweight, the company emphasized a very sleep and aesthetically pleasing design. The sub looks more like a boat and seems like it’d be a comfortable way of doing something that might seem quite unnerving and uncomfortable.

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Image via U-Boat Worx
Though not to be released until September 2015 but also exciting is the U-Boat Worx Superyacht Sub 3. This sub was designed for superyacht owners exclusively. It is small in size and offers ultimate safety precautions for those worried that their lack of experience and expertise in diving should lead to some very ill-fated situations. It is only 171cm in height and 3,500 kg in weight, so will stow away on a super yacht with ease. The boat carries 96 hours of life support should anything go terribly wrong throughout the journey. A manta control feature allows the three passengers to take turns controlling the submarine, so everyone on board gets to feel part of the journey.
Obviously not all men that are into luxury yachting will feel the need to dive hundreds of meters under the sea. It can be frightening and is most definitely dangerous. But for those that like some honest-to-goodness with their luxury experiences, a submarine experience could be just what you are looking for. When you have seen all the world has to offer, it’s comforting to know that there’s an entire world residing beneath the sea of unchartered territory.

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