Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Now Philippines eye submarine acquisitions

Staff, Global Times
27 May 2015

Philippine navy is mulling the acquisition of submarines under the military's modernization program, according to Philippine top navy official on Wednesday.
"Of course, that is included (in our plans), but this cannot happen overnight. It will take some time," said navy chief Vice Adm. Jesus Millan when asked if acquiring submarines is part of the modernization program.
In December last year, Navy vice commander Rear Adm. Caesar Taccad said the Navy was eyeing to acquire at least three submarines for deterrence.
"What we are pursuing of course is to take the initiative. The first important thing is to acknowledge the importance of such capability for our future requirements," said Millan.
Millan said the Navy has created an office that caters to the development of the submarine capability.
"They can bring a lot of help. But this (acquisition of submarines) is a challenge to all of us. It's important that we must learn the concept (of submarine capability)," he said.
"It can bring a lot of help to us. As you can see, there are instances that it can perform non-traditional roles, even in search and rescue or in doing things that are beyond the capabilities of surface assets. These things can help us," said Millan.

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