Friday, June 5, 2015

Poland to participate in Baltops naval exercises

15 countries involved.

Staff, Radio Poland
2 June 2015

A total of 49 ships from 15 different countries will take part in the ‘Baltops’ 2015 exercise this month, with the Polish Navy providing the largest single contingent.
Baltops is a U.S.-sponsored military naval exercise in the Baltic Sea, which Poland has been participating in since 1993.
This year the exercise will partially take place in the Polish port of Gdynia, before moving out to the Baltic and finally finishing in the German port of Kiel.
Przemysław Płonecki, a press spokesperson for the Polish 3rd Ship Flotilla, revealed that over 5,000 soldiers from 17 countries will take part in Baltops this year, with ships provided by 15 countries.
In addition, 40 aircraft will also participate, including American B-52 bombers.
Płonecki announced that the Polish Navy will provide the submarine ORP Kondor as well as two minelayer-landing ships and six minesweeper ships for the exercise.
Baltops will begin on the 5th June, and ships are expected to arrive in Gdynia from the 4th.
Between 14.00 and 16.00 on the 6th of June it will be possible for civilians to enter the military port in Gdynia to see some of the ships.
During the exercise around 700 soldiers will take part in a practice amphibious assault near the costal tourist resort town of Ustka, to the west of Gdynia.
Apart from Poland, other participating countries will consist of the Netherlands, Denmark, Estonia, France, Latvia, Lithuania, the UK, the U.S., Turkey, Belgium, Norway, Canada, Germany, Finland, Sweden and Georgia.

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