Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Royal Navy nuke sub to conduct ballistic missile test fir this summer

Staff, The Sun
26 March 2016

A Royal Navy nuclear submarine will test-fire an unarmed Trident II ballistic missile in early summer.
The display of power will be Britain’s first such launch in almost four years and comes at a key time.
Defence Secretary Michael Fallon warned terror groups like IS could develop a nuclear warhead of their own.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is campaigning against replacing the Trident fleet of Vanguard Class subs when their service ends in 2030.
The Government has promised MPs a vote this year on the £40billion deterrent.
The exact date of the launch, expected to be from the re-fitted HMS Vengeance, is being kept a closely guarded secret — even from crew.
But sources told The Sun on Sunday it would come in a matter of months.

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