Tuesday, August 16, 2016

US Navy Selects UK Steel Firm Sheffield Forgemasters For Ohio Submarine Replacement Program

Staff, Naval Technology
12 August 2016

The US Navy has reportedly contracted UK steel firm Sheffield Forgemasters to manufacture components for the  next-generation nuclear ballistic missile submarines (SSBN(X)), also known as the Ohio replacement programme.
Under the $30m, which has received the approval from the British Government, the company will develop and deliver castings that are believed to be used for the new submarines’ weapons launch systems.
Further details of the contract have not been provided.
Sheffield Forgemasters CEO Dr Graham Honeyman was quoting by media sources as saying: "These orders provide a boost for our Brightside Lane operations as we work towards our business turnaround plan.
"Work has already started on these orders and the first parts will complete in 2016 with another tranche of components anticipated to follow in 2017, providing work for our melt shop, foundry and machine shops.
"These are complex components and require detailed modelling and manufacturing to highly specific tolerances."
The US navy’s Ohio replacement submarine programme seeks to develop vessels that will replace the existing fleet of Trident missile-armed Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines.
General Dynamics Electric Boat was selected as the prime contractor for the project.
Sheffield Forgemasters is also supporting the construction of the UK Navy’s Successor Trident nuclear submarines, reported The Telegraph.

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