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Top 5 Vendors in the Global Submarine Battery Market from 2016 to 2020: Technavio

Business Wire
15 September 2016

LONDON--Technavio has announced the top five leading vendors in their recent global submarine battery market 2016-2020 report. This research report also lists three other prominent vendors that are expected to impact the market during the forecast period.
According to the report, highly competitive vendors serve the global submarine battery market. Competition in the market is based on many factors, such as brand recognition, product quality, reliability, durability, energy density, and price. “It is expected that the market will continue to evolve and that global and other diversified manufacturers will have a competitive advantage over small and new vendors by offering better products at a competitive price,” says Thanikachalam Chandrasekaran, a lead energy storage analyst from Technavio. 
EnerSys, EverExceed, Exide Technology, HBL Power Systems Ltd., and Sunlight Systems are the major lead-acid battery (LAB) vendors in the market. Companies, such as GS Yuasa, Saft, Kokam, Arotech, and Toshiba, are aggressively developing Li-ion batteries for submarines and investing in R&D to reduce the cost and match the LAB specifications for the submarines. 
The report also states countries, such as Japan, China, and Russia, are focusing on the Li-ion battery technology for the submarines. Russia is also planning to develop Li-ion battery technology for Kalina submarines in collaboration with China.
EnerSys manufactures, markets, and distributes industrial batteries and related products such as chargers, outdoor cabinet enclosures, power equipment, and battery accessories. It offers related after-market and customer-support services for industrial batteries. EnerSys markets and sells its products to more than 10,000 customers in over 100 countries via a network of distributors, independent representatives, and its own sales force. 
EnerSys in the global submarine battery market offers submarine batteries, which include CYCLON batteries and Quallion batteries. 
EverExceed is engaged in the wholesale distribution of electrical power equipment for the generation, distribution, transmission, control of electric energy, and electrical construction materials for power transmission lines and electrical systems, bulbs, and electric light fixtures. 
EverExceed in the global submarine battery market offers high-quality submarine batteries for all types of conventional submarines. It offers long plate positive tubular plate, double decker tubular positive plate, and tailor made cells technologies. The applications of submarine batteries include western-type submarines, such as U209, U214, Scorpene, Agosta, and Daphne; eastern type submarines, such as Romeo, Foxtrot, and Kilo; and offers submarine batteries for classes up to U206, Vastergotland, and U212. 
Exide Technologies:
The company serves the complex stored energy needs of customers worldwide. It provides services and systems to enhance vehicle performance and fleet utilization with an aim to reduce the risk of temporary power supply disruptions. 
Exide Technologies offers manufacturing and distribution of submarine batteries. The submarine batteries are sold under various brand names such as CEAC, Sonnak, Tudor, and Hagen. It finds application in different classes of submarines such as 205, 206, 209, 212, Scorpene, Kobben, Västergötland, Agosta, and Redoutable.
HBL Power Systems Ltd.:
The company is involved in the manufacturing and distribution of batteries and other power electronic products. It offers nickel cadmium pocket plate cells and control power converters. 
HBL Power Systems Ltd. in global submarine battery market is involved in the design and manufacturing of a wide range of submarine batteries. The company's products include batteries such as LABs, nickel-cadmium batteries, and advanced product batteries. The primary product that is used for submarine application includes product range from 12,391 Wh to 40,300 Wh. 
Sunlight Systems: 
Sunlight Systems is engaged in the development, production, and marketing of batteries and offers energy storage systems for consumer, industrial and advanced technology applications. The company is a major player in the global energy sector with approximately 98% of its production value exported to over 100 countries worldwide. 
Sunlight systems in global submarine battery market is involved in the designing, production, and distribution of battery power solutions such as motive power solutions, reserve power solutions, advanced technology batteries, consumer batteries, energy solutions, and submarine batteries. The company provides battery monitoring systems and the hydrogen eliminator for submarine batteries.   

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