Sunday, September 24, 2017

Lockheed Martin To Invest In Submaran S10 Submersible Drone

Bill Cooke, Gears of Biz
20 September 2017

Lockheed Martin is investing in Ocean Aero alongside Teledyne Technologies for the development of the Submaran unmanned maritime vehicle.
The Submaran S10 is an autonomous unmanned submarine that is powered by solar and wind energy, giving it virtually unlimited endurance and letting it operate for months at a time. It can raise a small sail that can propel it at over 5 knots to conserve power.
“Ocean Aero represents the next generation of environmentally powered, autonomous ocean systems,” said Chris Moran, executive director and general manager of Lockheed Martin Ventures. “Our investment will allow
us to better respond to customers’ maritime needs with technology solutions for a diverse set of missions.”
The Submaran can mount a sophisticated suite of sensors for long-term ocean observation, including seismic survey gear, passive sonar, satellite communications, cellular and WiFi data-links and other systems.
The Submaran’s technology was demonstrated last year at the Annual Navy Technology Exercise for the Naval Undersea Warfare Center.
Lockheed Martin sees the platform as ideal for long-term intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions for the Navy, taking the place of manned vessels and providing a semi-permanent observation ability.

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