Sunday, January 14, 2018

Government urged to protect submarines amid defence budget cuts (UK)

Staff, In Cumbria
12 January 2018
UK - MP John Woodcock has challenged the defense secretary over “woefully inadequate” funds and pledged to protect the submarine budget no matter what.
MP for Barrow and Furness John Woodcock took part in a debate in the House of Commons today where he called on the defense secretary to listen to MPs over the squeezing of the defense budget, and urged the government to maintain the submarine budget despite cuts to overall defense spending. 
Mr. Woodcock vowed to take the fight to the Treasury, suggesting the Dreadnought program should be taken out of the Ministry of Defense budget and funded using their reserves.
In his speech, he paid tribute to Britain’s defense forces and remarked on the unique capabilities the industry provides, but warned of the 'deeply worrying' complacency the government is showing over the threats facing our country.
Mr. Woodcock warned of the dangers posed from Russia and the "mortal threat from the evil ideology” which created Islamic State. He also warned the government benches that the same forces which had created the terrorist organization would resurface and that there would be 'question marks' over the UK's capability to intervene.
Paying tribute to the personnel who play such a vital role in defending our realm, The Barrow MP said he was saddened by the recent departure of Will Blamey from BAE, before welcoming its new head, Cliff Robson before saying challenges facing the submarine program should not be laid at the door of those who work at the shipyard, but on a central mismanagement of the program by the government in Westminster.
Concluding his speech, Mr. Woodcock said this was “a time for seriousness” and expressed concern over the conduct of the defense secretary on an issue fundamental to our nation’s security.

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