Monday, April 30, 2018

Russia Creates Submarine Drone Capable of Diving at 12,000 Meters Depth

Staff, Maritime Herald
24 April 2018 
    The Russian Shipbuilding Corporation (OSK) is developing a new unmanned submarine capable of submerging the deepest point of the ocean.
    “Two years from now, we will complete the construction of an underwater vehicle that can sink to a depth of 12 kilometres,” the company’s president, Aleksei Rakhmanov, told Ekho Moskvy radio.
The St. Petersburg Malakhit company, which is responsible for the development of the unmanned underwater vehicle, is carrying out the construction of another underwater drone that can reach 6,000 meters deep today, the director of OSK said.
     Earlier reports surfaced on the successful performance of the Morskaya Ten (Navy Shadow) underwater glider tests capable of advancing through submarine currents without being detected by sonars.

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