Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Russia Launches New Generation Unmanned Submarine Tests

16 May 2018

Klavesin-2R unmanned vehicle can be used for exploration work, study of objects on the seabed, topographical survey and mapping of the marine relief.
Tests of the Russian submersible drone Klavesin-2R began at a maritime polygon in the Crimea, reports the Izvestiya newspaper.
In addition, the experimental ship Viktor Cherokov of project 20360OC, recently transferred to the Black Sea Fleet, is participating in the trials near the Russian city of Theodosia.
The Klavesin-2R belongs to the second generation of unmanned underwater vehicles. The equipment received the 2R52 index, indicating its high availability for adoption in service, according to the newspaper article.
“On the outside, the Klavesin-2R looks like a miniature submarine about 7 meters long and 1 meter in diameter. The weight of the submersible is about 4 tons and its immersion capacity is up to 6,000 meters deep.”
This submarine drone can be used for exploration tasks, topographical survey, seabed mapping, among others. For this purpose, the submersible is equipped with lateral acoustic radars, electromagnetic locators, digital video systems, acoustic profiles to search for objects in the seabed, temperature sensors and electrical conductivity.

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