Friday, May 1, 2015

University of Hawaii reveals new footage of sunken Japanese WWII submarine

Blogger note: The circumstances of the sinking of I-400 are covered in my recent biography of U.S. Navy Admiral Allan McCann who directed the sinking.
A YouTube clip posted by the University of Hawaii shows the wreckage of the I-400 submarine.
University of Hawaii/Youtube
Wall Street Journal staff
1 May 2015

The University of Hawaii has revealed new footage of an Imperial Japanese Navy submarine that was deliberately sunk by the U.S. outside of Pearl Harbor following the end of World War II.
The I-400, which could carry three plane bombers inside, was built during the final days of the war. According to the Center of History of Japanese Industrial Technology, the sub was originally built to attack the Panama Canal but the war ended before the plan could be carried out.

The submarine was discovered in December 2013 by the University of Hawaii and the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The latest footage, which succeeded in capturing new images of the submarine’s hangar and bell, was recorded jointly with NHK.
The Japanese broadcaster is scheduled to air a 73-minute documentary of the I-400 on Wednesday in Japan.

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