Monday, February 22, 2016

USS Greenville crew hosts Japanese officers, sailors

Staff, The Greenville Sun
22 February 2016

PEARL HARBOR, HAWAII -- Recently, 30 Japanese officers and sailors from the Japanese submarine Kuroshio visited the USS Greeneville in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
For over an hour the officers and crew of both submarines met and learned from each other in what was dubbed a highly successful event, according to a recent news release.
"During the visit, Greeneville's crew showcased their tremendous warfighting capabilities and dedication to mission readiness," the release says.
This meeting marks the first time the Japanese have visited USS Greeneville in recent history, solidifying the relationship between the U.S. and Japanese navies, the release says.
Overall, the event was very well received by both the Kuroshio and the Greeneville crews, it adds.
It is made even more significant due to the Greeneville's history. Nine boys and men died when the submarine surfaced beneath a Japanese fishing vessel, the Ehime Maru, on Feb. 9, 2001, off Oahu.
CDR Gabe Anseeuw, the Greeneville's commanding officer, was also invited shortly after the tour to a "Sayonara" party, marking the departure of the Kuroshio from Hawaiian waters.
"I was extremely happy to have this opportunity to meet with the officers and crew of the Kuroshio," CDR Anseeuw said. "The crew's pride in the ship was clearly evident and helped to solidify relations. The visit was extremely positive.
"I was humbled by the extreme friendship and generosity displayed by our Japanese friends at the Sayonara party, partaking in the evening's ceremonial customs and traditions," he added.

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