Wednesday, July 8, 2015

North Korea condemns visit of USS MIchigan to South Korea

State newspaper predicts visit as prelude to pre-emptive strike on North.

The Ohio-class guided-missile submarine USS Michigan had arrived in Busan on June 23 with a crew of around 165. North Korea has condemned the move. Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Timothy Wilson/U.S. Navy

SEOUL, July 7 (UPI) -- North Korea condemned the arrival of a U.S. guided-missile submarine at the South Korean port city of Busan, and said the ship could be used in a nuclear strike against the North.
The Ohio-class guided-missile submarine USS Michigan arrived in Busan on June 23 with a crew of around 165, according to the U.S. Navy. The fleet was in South Korea for a visit that is part of its deployment to the Western Pacific.
South Korean news agency Yonhap reported the fleet's entry into the South Korean port has drawn North Korea invectives, published in North Korea's state newspaper under the headline, "Provokers, be prepared for a bitter defeat."
"[The U.S. is] provoking an invasion, a nuclear war and presenting a military threat to our republic," North Korea said in statement.
South Korean news network YTN reported North Korea also denounced the arrival of two ships equipped with the Aegis Combat System carrying SM-3 missiles. The vessels are additions to a group that includes seven submarines.
North Korea said the U.S. intends to use the USS Michigan to launch nuclear-tipped missiles that could reach land targets.
"The U.S.' heinous intentions, to use the Michigan to launch a preemptive nuclear strike against our republic, has been exposed," the Rodong Sinmun said in statement.
"The military conspiracy and collusion between the U.S. and the puppet government, is reminiscent of the eve of the Korean War. If they light the fires of aggression again, [the U.S. and South Korea] clearly must know the fiery lightening of a merciless retaliation will lead to a miserable end."
The Michigan is transporting 150 Tomahawk missiles, each capable of hitting targets up to 994 miles in distance, according to Yonhap. 

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