Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Russian submarines to receive new sonar absorbent composites

Nikolai Novichkov, HIS Janes 360
5 July 2015

Russia's Krylov State Research Center (KSRC) has developed innovative new technologies, which will reduce the ability of sonar to detect Russian submarines, according to Valeriy Shaposhnikov, chief of KSRC's endurance and shipping hull construction unit.
"We have developed the appropriate technologies and constructions made of composites," Shaposhnikov said. These new multilayer composites the company is using have a structure and consistency that absorb sonar signals, thereby preventing the detection of a submarine via hydroacoustics. "Such effect is provided by the extremely complex inner structure of the composite developed by KSRC," he added.
The innovative developments are currently undergoing stand trials, which include strength tests. According to Shaposhnikov, the control surfaces of a submarine can be made from the new composites.
Shaposhnikov's unit in KSRC is currently conducting trials of full-scale specimens of components from Russian diesel-electric submarines, in particular a Lada-class submarine (Project 677) rudder blade made of the special composites.
In his opinion, it is likely that the new composites will be integrated onto Russian submarines. "We have made great progress to this end," Shaposhnikov said. "The design bureaus take the decisions whether our innovations will be applied or not, as they have responsibility for their production ... The main advantage that our new technologies can bring is the reduction of probability of an underwater object's detection."

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