Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Russian Sierra II SSN returns to the Russian fleet

Bruce Jones, IHS Jane's Navy International
4 January 2016
The Russian Navy's Sierra II (Kondor)-class Project 945B nuclear-powered attack submarine (SSN) Pskov returned to service on 28 December, following a four-year refit.
The titanium-hulled boat is now part of the 11th Squadron of the Northern Fleet's 7th Submarine Division. Use of titanium for the hull requires highly specialised manufacturing processes and skills, and is also more expensive than using steel; however, it potentially offers greater speeds and diving depths as well as reduced signature. The boat's armament includes 40 torpedoes, fired from six 533 mm tubes, and the RK-55 Granat/3M10 SS-N-21 Sampson cruise missile.
The refit work was undertaken by Nerpa, which is part of JSC Zvezdochka; located at Snezhnogorsk near Murmansk, Nerpa is responsible for maintaining the Northern Fleet's nuclear-powered submarines.

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