Wednesday, February 3, 2016

General Dynamics to continue fire control systems work on U.S., U.K. missile subs

3 February 2016
General Dynamics (GD) Mission Systems has received a contract from the US Navy to continue fire control systems and subsystems work aboard the US and UK Royal Navy's (RN) nuclear ballistic-missile submarines (SSBN).
The contract, which has a performance period of seven years, is expected to be valued at $440m.
The fire control system delivers data required to monitor the launch sequence of ballistic missiles.
General Dynamics Mission Systems Maritime and Strategic Systems business vice-president and general manager said: "Our support for the navy's strategic deterrent programme spans nearly six decades and forms the very fabric of our business.
"Continuing the work we have done on existing Ohio SSBN fire control systems, and the development of the fire control system for the Navy's newest fleet of nuclear submarines, demonstrates our ongoing relationship built on trust, partnership and innovation with the US and UK naval forces."
Under the contract, the company will support and upgrade the existing SSBN strategic weapon system, including fire control subsystem installation, maintenance, sustainment, training, and repairs to navigation and launch subsystems.
The contract will also see the company develop fire control systems for the US Navy's Ohio Replacement submarine and the RN's Successor-class ballistic-missile submarine, as well as manufacture new systems for the RN's first-of-class SSBN 09 submarine and Trident Training Facility.
Additionally, the company will develop and maintain the US Navy's Ohio-class guided-missile submarine attack weapon control system as a part of the contract.
The latest contract is in addition to an existing contract, which was awarded to GD in December 2014 for the development, installation and maintenance and deployed-systems support of US and UK Trident II submarine strategic weapons systems and subsystems.
Work will be carried out at GD's facility in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, US.
Last month, GD was contracted by the US navy for Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program (SEWIP) Block 1B3.

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