Friday, October 28, 2016

Enlisted Women in Submarines Road Shows Hit Fleet Concentration Areas

Lt. Lily Hinz,
27 October 2016
KINGS BAY, Ga. – Following the announcement of the opening of the third application window for enlisted women in submarines, the Enlisted Women in Submarines (EWIS) Task Force began their roadshow circuit to provide informational briefs for command career counselors and female enlisted Sailors interested in learning more about opportunities to apply to become a submariner. Below is a schedule of roadshow events:

Navy Region Southeast: 8-9 November
- NAS Jacksonville
Date: Nov.9
Time: 1300-1430
Location: Religious Education Center (Bldg 749)
-Naval Station Mayport
Date: Nov.9
Time: 1245-1415 and 1430-1600
Location: ATG Auditorium

Pacific Northwest: 14-16 November
- Naval Base Kitsap
Date: Nov. 14
Time: 0900-100
Location: NOSC Bremerton Auditorium (Bldg 1013)
Date: Nov. 14
Time: 1430-1530
Location: Off Crew Bldg 2100, Room #103/104
- Naval Air Station Whidbey Island
Date: Nov. 15
Time: 0900-1000 and 1200-1300
Location: NOSC Bldg 2739 Room 120
- Naval Station Everett
Date: Nov. 16
Time: 0900-1000 and 1200-1300
Location: Bldg 2000 Auditorium

San Diego: 17 November
- Naval Air Station North Island
Date: Nov. 17
Time: 0900-1100
Location: CNAP Auditorium (Bldg 8C)
- Naval Base San Diego
Date: Nov. 17
Time: 1300-1500
Location: Career Information Center (Bldg 3416)

The recruitment for this cycle of applicants comes on the heels of successful integration of female officers and senior enlisted Sailors onboard submarines that started in 2010.
In January 2013, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta rescinded the 1994 Direct Combat Exclusion act which restricted women from serving onboard submarines.
Naval Administrative (NAVADMIN) message 19/15 entitled, "Opening Submarine Force Billets to Enlisted Women," detailed the enlisted women integration plan and was formally approved in December 2014 for federal funding by Congress.
This year, NAVADMIN message 196/16 detailed requirements for female Sailors interested in applying.
Female Sailors in ranks Seaman Recruit to Senior Chief Petty Officer are eligible to apply.

Chief Petty Officer and Senior Chief Petty Officer conversions are available in:
* C260 - Information Systems Technician (ITS)
* C170 - Culinary Specialist (CS)
* C220 - Logistics Specialist (LS)
* G065 - Independent Duty Corpsman HM(IDC)
* C250 - Yeoman (YN)

Petty Officer 1st Class and below conversions 
are available in:
* C130 - Fire Control Technician (FT)
* C150/C151 - Machinist's Mate (MM) (Auxiliary or Weapons)
* C121/C126 - Electronics Technician (ET) (Navigation or Communication)
* C170 - Culinary Specialist (CS)
* C220 - Logistics Specialist (LS)
* C250 - Yeoman (YN)
* C260 - Information Systems Technician (ITS)
* C230 - Sonar Technician Submarines (STS)
* C180 - Missile Technician (MT)

This cycle of conversions will be for the initial enlisted integration of USS Ohio (SSGN 726) submarine crews in Bangor, Washington in 2018.
Applications are due by April 1, 2017 and the selection process will begin in May 2017.

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