Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Indonesia Develops Unmanned Submarine Technology

Nani Afrida, The Jakarta Post
14 December 2016
Indonesia is developing unmanned submarine technology in the hope of securing the country’s vast ocean territory at an efficient cost.
The unmanned submarine, called Kaledupa, will be able to operate at a depth 150 meters, the Defense Ministry’s director for defense industry and technology, Brig. Gen. Jan Pieter Ate, said on Tuesday.
The product is made by PT Robo Marine Indonesia, a technology company based in Bandung, West Java.
“The Defense Ministry has ordered the defense industry to develop the technology for this unmanned submarine. We have appointed PT Robo Marine Indonesia because the company has skills in this technology,” Jan Pieter told The Jakarta Post.
Kaledupa was tested on Sunday in Wakatobi waters, Southeast Sulawesi, to obtain the ministry’s certificate of eligibility.
Jan Pieter said Kaledupa had many strengths. For instance, it has underwater sensing technology, an underwater recorder with HD resolution and LED lighting tools that help the submarine see hundreds of meters under the ocean.
“During the test, Kaledupa managed to prove all of its advantages. We hope this new technological development will reduce our dependency on foreign weaponry systems,” he said.

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