Sunday, December 11, 2016

Israeli Submarine Builder Admits To Massive Cyber Attack Which Led To Secrets Being Stolen

Staff, Yeshiva World News
8 December 2016

The German manufacturer of submarines for the Israel Navy, ThyssenKrupp, has announced it fell victim to a major cyberattack that resulted in a great deal of classified secrets being stolen.
The company made the announcement on Thursday, 8 Kislev, with ThyssenKrupp admitting technical trade secrets were stolen in the massive cyberattack which were discovered a number of months ago, in April.
Haaretz questioned ThyssenKrupp towards determining if the stolen classified secrets pertain to Israel and the IDF Naval vessels. Haaretz quotes ThyssenKrupp saying that the cyberattack did not affect any of its naval projects, including those linked to Israel.
ThyssenKrupp is a major supplier of steel to Germany’s automotive sector and other manufacturers. The company reported the cyberattack was uncovered by ThyssenKrupp’s in house computer emergency response team. The company has notified the relevant state and local agencies.

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