Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Attack Sub Returns to San Diego After 7-Month Cruise

Staff Report, Navy Times, Feb 10

The attack submarine San Francisco returned Monday from a Western Pacific deployment to a San Diego, California, welcome at Naval Base Point Loma of sunny skies and waving families.
The boat traveled over 45,000 miles on its seven-month deployment, which focused on maritime security with coalition forces. When the boat left July 10, it was set for a six-month cruise but was "extended," according to a Submarine Squadron 11 press release Tuesday.
"I learned a lot about what submarines are really like," Electronics Technician 3rd Class Julian Bravo, was quoting as saying in the press release. "I also enjoyed seeing other countries; Japan was definitely my favorite."
In addition to Yokosuka, the 140-man crew visited Diego Garcia and Guam.
Attack sub deployments are typically six months long. The force has largely hewed to that even as the rest of the carrier and ship deployments have stretched to eight months and beyond.

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