Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Photo album: The life of "bubbleheads" in a U.S. submarine

Photos courtesy of wearethemighty.com 

Deployment starts with departing from home port…

Mooring a submarine
Photo: US Navy

Bubbleheads – Navy speak for submariners – go without sunlight for weeks at a time.

us navy submarine under way
Photo: US Navy

Any sailor on a submarine can pull off Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” lean move. Here’s a photo of a skipper pulling it off…

submarine diving
Photo: YouTube
Angles and Dangles: When the submarine makes radical depth changes. Usually to ensure everything is stowed for sea properly.

Sailors as young as 18 years-old drive the ship…

steering a us navy submarine
Photo: US Navy

There are no windows on a submarine; sonar technology is the eyes and ears of the crew.


 Submarines have some of the same amenities as surface ships…

Photo: YouTube

… but, everything in a submarine is modified to limit noise. These are rubber shock absorbers under the treadmill…

navy submarine rubber shock absorbers
Photo: YouTube

It pays to keep the cook happy…

Photo: YouTube

Submarine chow is some of the best in the Navy…

Photo: YouTube

Santa wasn’t around for this visit, but these polar bears gave a big welcome . . .

sub ice surface polar bear
Photo: US Navy

Swim calls on a submarine are awesome. . .

submarine swim call
Photo: US Navy

This is what a steel beach picnic looks like on a submarine . . .

steel beach cookout on top of a us navy sub

And nothing beats a homecoming…

coming home after a sub patrol
Photo: US Navy

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