Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Did British submarine drag Irish fishing trawler?

Steven Alexander, Belfast Telegraph
22 April 2015

Fisheries Minister Michelle O'Neill has called on the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to clarify whether it was involved in an incident in which a trawler was apparently snagged by a submarine.
The Sinn Fein minister was speaking after she met with Simon Wills, owner of the trawler 'Karen', and skipper Paul Murphy at Ardglass harbour.
She inspected the £10,000 damage caused to the boat after it was dragged backwards at 10 knots in the Irish Sea.
The crew feared they would have been killed had they not been able to cut their nets free.
Ms Gildernew said: "I have written to British Secretary of State, Elizabeth Truss, to raise my concerns and I have requested an investigation and a full report as to the circumstances that led to the lives of local fishermen being put severely at risk.
"It is only for the quick actions of the crew that there were no fatalities.
"There are clear guidelines that must be adhered to in incidents such as this, however, in the case of 'Karen' those guidelines appear to have been flouted.
"Our fishermen have the right to know if a British submarine was involved or not."

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