Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thai Navy petitions government to buy submarines

Khaosod English, Thai Visa News
23 April 2015

The Royal Thai Navy has formally submitted a request to the government to buy submarines for its submarine division, which has lacked a single vessel for the last 64 years.
Admiral Kraisorn Chansuvanich, commander of the Thai navy, said he hopes the cabinet will deliberate on the request soon, because submarines are needed to bolster Thailand’s armed forces.
“Neighboring countries like Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore have had submarines in their arsenals for many years,” ADM Kraisorn said. “Now that I am here, I think it is a part of the strategy to improve our armed forces. It’s my duty to submit the request to the government for consideration. Whether the government will approve it or not is up to them.”
He added that the navy does not have any preference for where the submarines are manufactured, as long as they fit Thailand’s needs. ADM Kraisorn also urged the government to approve the submarine purchases soon, as acquiring the ships will be a lengthy process.
“Even if the government approved the purchase today, we won’t be able to acquire them instantly, because time will be needed to build the ships and send our personnel to receive training and improve their expertise for one to two years. So, it will take at least five or six years before submarines can enter our service.

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