Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Actor Liam Neeson to take ride on cocaine-filled submarine for new movie

Liam Neeson—a cold, gray thing whose tough exterior hides a source of extreme volatility—will meet his match in Narco Sub, the story of a cocaine-filled submarine. The Wrap reports that Neeson will earn some much-needed rest from being forced to rescue his family members at the behest of European criminals, taking a lovely little voyage under the sea, where he’ll be forced to rescue some drugs at the behest of South American criminals. Neeson is likely to play a “disgraced American naval officer” who’s conscripted by a “notorious Ecuadorian drug lord” to smuggle his coke past the Coast Guard, using the subtlety and ingratiating charm that Liam Neeson is known for.
As previously reported, the film has been passed around several directors like a delicious, cocaine-stuffed party sub, with the late Tony Scott, Doug Liman, and Antoine Fuqua all having taken a bite over the years. But now it’s in the hands of Game Of Thrones director Brian Kirk, who will apply his expertise with working with massive iron objects toward pointing Neeson’s forehead in the necessary direction. 

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