Thursday, March 26, 2015

Russia starts construction of 5th multirole nuclear submarine

Submarines at anchor in shpyard outside Arkhangelsk.

Trude Pettersen, Barents Observer

The Sevmash Shipyard has started construction of Arkhangelsk, the latest fourth-generation nuclear-powered multipurpose attack submarine of the Yasen class.
The vessel was started at the shipyard in Severodvinsk outside Arkhangelsk on March 19. Dmitri Rogozin, deputy state minister in charge of the defense industry, and Viktor Chirkov​, commander in chief of the Russian navy, attended the ceremony, the Ministry of Defense’s web site reads.
Russia plans to build a total of 12 Yasen class submarines by 2020. The first vessel of the class, the Severodvinsk, was commissioned in December 2013, and is now homeported at the Northern Fleet’s base in Zapadnaya Litsa fjord on the Barents Sea coast of the Kola Peninsula, only 37 miles from the Norwegian border.
Three submarines are already under construction: the Kazan, the Novosibirsk and the Krasnoyarsk. All the submarines built after the prototype Severodvinsk was completed have been modified and go by the name of Yasen-M. They are estimated to be the quietest, or least detectable, of all Russian nuclear submarines. The vessels will be equipped exclusively with Russian-made electronic warfare systems and other elements.

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