Monday, August 31, 2015

Thousands of jobs created as Britain's nuclear submarine base gets major upgrade

Staff, The Mirror
31 August 2015

Britain’s nuclear submarine base is to have a £500million upgrade creating thousands of jobs.
New ship lifts, sea walls and jetties will be built at Faslane in Scotland, where the Vanguard boats carrying the UK’s Trident missiles are based.
The 10-year project has angered the Scottish Nationalists, who want Trident to be scrapped. The Government has not yet decided on how to replace the four ageing Vanguards.
Faslane currently hosts 6,700 military and civilian staff and contractors, and ministers believe today's announcement will create thousands more jobs.
Faslane would be the base for the new submarines.
Chancellor George Osborne said: “A strong and secure country is vital to our prosperity and
national security.”
But the SNP’s defence spokesman Brendan O’Hara said: “George Osborne is essentially pre-empting a vote and actual decision on the renewal of Trident.”
It comes as engineers reveal how Navy ships could look in decades to come.
Dreadnought 2050 design includes a new-style operations room allowing commanders to focus on areas thousands of miles away.
Engineers believe the warship could be manned by a crew of around 50 - down from 200 on modern vessels.
The Navy's fleet robotics officer Commander Steve Prest said: "We welcome a project that allows some of Britain's best and brightest young engineers to come up with ideas on what a warship might look like or be equipped with in 2050.
"We want to attract the best new talent to sea to operate, maintain and develop systems with this level of ambition."

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