Monday, December 28, 2015

Enlisted women report to U.S. submarines in early 2016

David Larter, Navy Times
27 December 2015
The first four enlisted women completed the intensive basic enlisted submarine course in October and, starting next year, will report for duty to the blue and gold crew of the guided missile submarine Michigan.
The first cadre of 38 enlisted women selected for the program were announced this summer; the second round of selectees will be announced in January. The Michigan is the first sub to integrate enlisted women and the guided missile sub Florida will follow later that year.
In October, the Atlantic Fleet's top enlisted submariner said they were still working on the instruction that will govern the integration, revising it down from 49 pages to something more concise — especially when it comes to equal opportunity matters.
"We are revising our instruction that was — no kidding — 49 pages long of excruciating detail on what you wear on the treadmill and how you manage the head," said Force Master Chief Wes Koshoffer at the annual gathering of the Submarine League in Northern Virginia.
"The instruction just ought to read: We will treat each other with dignity and respect because we are professionals. We have a fraternization policy and until we cross those lines, proceed."
The Navy wants women to make up about 20 percent of the crews of seven of the 18 Ohio-class submarines by 2020, at which point they will start to send enlisted women to Virginia-class attack submarines.

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