Thursday, December 3, 2015

Israel to save money by scrapping 6th submarine after new one delivered

Staff, Israel Hayom
3 December 2015
IDF cost-cutting recommendation would retire first Dolphin-class sub received by Israel after sixth submarine is delivered in 2019. Other programs targeted for budget cuts: military rabbinate, transport drivers, Bedouin trackers, military prosecutor.
The IDF's Gideon multiyear work plan makes no bones about cutting budgets and eliminating programs. One recommendation calls for the Israeli Navy to operate five submarines, rather than six. According to the recommendation, Israel's first Dolphin-class submarine will be retired after the Navy's sixth is delivered to Israel in 2019.
In addition to cutting the number of submarines in operation, the IDF intends to make an 11% cut to the upper echelon of officers and in programs such as the military rabbinate; educational outreach; behavioral sciences; the chief reserves officer; the budget wing; army transport drivers; the censor; the chief of staff's adviser on women's issues; the Bedouin trackers; the military prosecutor headquarters; and public information.
In contrast, the military will increase its activity in fields that have been active in recent years, such as cyber warfare. The IDF also plans to bolster its combat forces by adding a third mixed-gender combat battalion, adding F-35 fighter jets to its fleet, and stepping up air defenses, as well as establishing a commando brigade.
On Thursday, the military -- whose recommendations require government approval to be implemented -- was scheduled to hold another discussion to decide which programs should be prioritized for expansion.

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