Thursday, February 5, 2015

Long-range strike bomber and next generation submarine big winners in Pentagon budget

Next generation bomber and submarine programs for the Air Force and Navy turned out to be the winners out of the Pentagon’s roll out of its fiscal 2016 budget proposal.
Both programs, designed to offer the U.S. the ability to evade advanced air defenses or underwater detection capabilities, received high levels of funding that don’t include what’s sure to be a significant chunk of funding in the classified budget. In fact, the Navy’s effort to replace its Ohio-class nuclear submarines received a fund designed by Congress that separates a portion of the program’s funding from the overall Navy budget.
The Pentagon requested an overall defense budget of $585 billion, including a $534 base budget and a $51 billion war budget. That’s an increase of about $25 billion, or 4 percent, in funding from this year.
The Navy received the biggest boost over last year out of all the services requesting $10 billion more compared the amount the Navy received last year. Out of the Navy’s $160 billion budget request, the service wants to buy two more Virginia-class submarines to go along with the $1.4 billion it plans to spend on the Ohio Replace program.

 Long-Range Strike Bomber program, or LRS-B,

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