Minister says India will fulfil its submarine requirement by 2022

The Hindu
7 April 2015

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar claimed that recent accidents involving submarines were the result of not following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
Mr. Parrikar was speaking to the press at the Mazagon Dock Limited (MDL) after commemorating the undocking of the first of class submarine of Project 75, named Kalvari, the Tiger Shark. It is the first of the six Scorpene submarines in which DCNS of France is a collaborator with MDL as the builder.
Replying to the questions on the growing anxiety around safety of submarines, Mr. Parrikar said: “Majority of accidents are the result of relaxed attitude towards following SOPs. There would have been no accident had they acted as per SOP. Now, we have asked the staff to follow SOP strictly,” he said.
On the Scorpene submarines, Mr Parrikar said, India will fulfil its requirement of submarines to protect its sea waters by 2022. “We expect the rest of the construction to be completed as per the schedule. Any delay in achieving the deadline will result in heavy penalty,” he said.
Acknowledging the efforts of MDL in construction of this partially indigenous submarine, the Defence Minister said the government had an ambitious plan to fulfil the requirements of the armed forces as per which all Public Sector Undertakings would double their production in the next two years.
“We want to build a ‘Blue Water Navy’ which can survive despite operating across the deep ocean waters without any problems. We will ensure that we become one such navy,” he said.
On the rescue mission of stranded Indians from Yemen, Mr. Parrikar said almost all Indians would be evacuated by Monday night.
Following the undocking of submarine on Monday, the launching of the submarine will take place in September 2015. Till September 2016, it will undergo rigorous trials and tests, both in harbour and at sea, while on surface and underwater. Thereafter it would be commissioned into the Navy as INS Kalvari.
Superior stealth
The state-of-the-art features of the Scorpene include superior stealth and ability to launch a crippling attack on the enemy using precision guided weapons. The attack can be launched with torpedoes, as well as tube launched anti-ship missiles, whilst underwater or on surface.
It is designed to operate in all theatres including the tropics. All means and communications are provided to ensure interoperability with other components of a naval task force. It can undertake multifarious warfare, anti-submarine warfare, intelligence gathering, mine laying, area surveillance etc.
Built from special steel capable of withstanding high yield stress and having high tensile strength, it can withstand high hydrostatic force and enabling it to dive deeper.
The Scorpene is equipped with Weapons Launching tubes (WLT) and can carry weapons on board which can be easily reloaded at sea.