Thursday, April 9, 2015

U.S. to use unmanned anti-sub vessel against China, Russia: Report

Staff, China Times
9 April 2015

The US military plans to deploy ASW Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessels (ACTUV) that can detect and track submarines in autumn in response to potential threats from Russian and Chinese submarines, reports China's nationalistic tabloid Global Times.
The vessel was developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency under the US Department of Defense. The 132-foot long unmanned submarine has the ability to stalk quiet, modern diesel-electric submarines.
It passed tests carried out by the agency in the Mississippi River in March. During a 35 nautical-mile run in the river, the vessel was tested under 100 different scenarios and passed them without bumping against rocks, reef and other ships and boats in the water. The vessel will be tested again to see if its tracking system can detect and track submarine targets one kilometer away.

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