Monday, June 1, 2015

Putin's spy submarines target Clyde defenses

Ben Borland, Express UK
30 May 2015

Francis Tusa spoke out after a number of senior RAF figures revealed that Vladimir Putin's navy is monitoring our Trident submarines as they emerge from the Clyde.
The Sunday Express also understands that the number of submarine-hunter Type 23 frigates operating off the west of Scotland has recently been increased from one to two as a direct result of the Russian threat. There were also fresh warnings of a new fishing boat tragedy, after a number of near-misses where trawlers nets snagged on mystery underwater objects.
The furore began when five retired senior officers urged the Government to replace Britain's axed Nimrod maritime patrol aircraft.
They said: We know that Russian submarines are monitoring the area from which our nuclear missile submarines emerge from the Clyde. 
Without maritime patrol aircraft surveillance, opportunities for intelligence-gathering by such intruders can only prejudice the security and effectiveness of our strategic deterrent.
Indeed, it would be surprising if valuable intelligence had not already been acquired by the Russian Navy since the Nimrod force was grounded in March 2010.
The letter to the Daily Telegraph was signed by Air Marshall Sir John Harris, Air-Vice Marshall George Chesworth, Air-Vice Marshall David Emmerson, Air-Vice Marshall Andrew Roberts and Air Commodore Andrew Neal.

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