Thursday, January 29, 2015

70 years ago today, submarine USS Char (SS -328) risked all to save pilot

On 29 Jan 1945, Char Cmd. Francis D. Boyle daringly remained at anchor on the surface only a mile from the Indochina coast for four hours while a team of two men went ashore, via a rubber boat, to rescue a downed PBY Catalina airman; luckily neither the sub nor her crew attracted enemy fire. Boyle remained in the area for next few days looking unsuccessfully for the remaining members of the aircraft's crew.
In Feb 1945, on the boat's second war patrol under Cmd. Boyle, Char sank an enemy cruiser and later rescued a P-51 pilot afloat after bombing raids on Taiwan.
Below is Char en route to the Pacific from New London where she was built.
USS Charr underway from New London, Connecticut, United States to Pearl Harbor, US Territory of Hawaii, 7 Nov 1944

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