Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Navy switching gears from "Global Force for Good" to "Bad-Ass" defenders

Jeanette Steele, San Diego Union-Tribune, Jan 26

Navy marketing going more tough-guy, less 'global force for good'
Now that the Navy has dropped its longtime “Global Force for Good” slogan, it appears to be moving toward a more aggressive – you might even say bad-ass – image.
The Navy’s newest recruiting commercial debuted Friday night on ESPN and Youtube.
Called “Pin Map,” the minute-long version features each piece of the diverse Navy – ships, submarines and jets, but also SEALs, bomb disposal techies and unmanned drones. The idea is that the Navy is deployed around the globe – all these pins on a map.
The tagline at the end is, “Around the world, around the clock, in defense of all we hold dear back home.”
This commercial follows a similarly tough-sounding spot released a month ago.
Called “The Shield,” that piece shows a couple holding hands with a small girl. One by one, Navy personnel in various uniforms form a series of circles around the family.
The tagline there is “To get to you, they’d have to get past us.”
The switch has to do more with retaining enlisted sailors than recruitment, according to the Navy.

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