Monday, January 26, 2015

Swedish media suspects 4 mystery subs were searching for damaged Russian sub

Russia Today, Jan 25

The Swedish military now believes that not one, but up to four foreign submarines were operating in the Stockholm Archipelago in mid-October last year, a source within the country’s armed forces said.
An unidentified sub was allegedly spotted in Swedish waters on several occasions, October 17-19, 2014.
This led to a two-week submarine hunt, the Swedish military’s largest operation since the Cold War, but it turned out fruitless, despite the media hype.
Earlier this month, the Swedish military said it spotted another foreign sub in its territorial waters on October 31 and organized a search operation, which also proved futile.
The Swedish media alleged the operation in mid-October could’ve been a hunt for a “damaged Russian submarine,” but Moscow has repeatedly denied the claims.

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