Saturday, January 10, 2015

A life filled with miracles

Talked to Lorraine Naquin Tyler today who would like me to work with her on a biography of her father, Rear Admiral Oliver Naquin who miraculously survived harrowing tales at sea.  I wrote about him in my first book as captain of the ill-fated Squalus submarine that sank off the New England coast in 1939,  An unprecedented rescue saved the captain and most of his crew from 240 feet down. The manner in which Naquin cared for his men in the many hours trapped helped spare them.  Naquin went on to service on the USS California battleship and was attached when sunk at Pearl Harbor.  What followed was service on the cruiser New Orleans which suffered incredible damage in battle, with its bow blown off.  He was called on to save the ship and through incredible skill enabled it to voyage more than 1,000 miles without a bow to safe haven in Australia in WWII.  This is just a taste of the incredible life of Oliver Naquin.

We'll see where this goes.  I'm expecting materials from Lorraine soon.  More to come.

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