Friday, January 16, 2015

Help wanted to build submarines in Groton, CT.

General Dynamics Electric Boat President Jeffrey S. Geiger told the Providence Journal this week that the work force is aging at the corporation's nuclear submarine factory in Groton, CT, He expects to hire about 1,100 people this year, about half of them to replace workers who leave. He also anticipates hiring several thousand in the coming decade to build replacements for the Ohio class of ballistic missile submarines.
“We’ve got a very experienced and skilled work force, but it’s a very senior work force,” Geiger said. “We’re going to see a number of retirements over the next five years.”
And that’s where the problem lies.
“The thing that kind of outweighs everything else is: can we get the human resources that have the skill and background” to build submarines, he said.

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