Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cinema, submarine and missile defense system not enough for super yacht

Roman Abramovich super yacht

By Rebecca Hobson/London Loves Business

Chelsea FC owner, Roman Abramovich, has sent his super-yacht – the Eclipse – to Germany for a refit.
The yacht – which already boasts a cinema, two swimming pools, two helicopter pads, 30 cabins, a master suite with bullet-proof windows, a mini-submarine, a missile defence system, conference facilities, children’s playroom, beauty salon, dance floor and a sauna – has been sent to a Blohm Voss ship builders in Hamburg for a spruce up.
At 536ft long, 72.2ft wide, and an estimated gross tonnage of 13,500, this is the oligarch’s biggest yacht, and was once the largest yacht in the world.
Roman Abramovich super yacht
Roman Abramovich’s super yacht, the ‘Eclipse’ undergoes renovations in Hamburg, Germany
The Russian oligarchic had the yacht built for him in 2010, so it probably does need some work. And he only has three other super yachts to play with in the meantime. (Bitter, us?)
Roman Abramovich super yacht
Roman Abramovich super yacht in 2010, when it was custom built for the Russian oligarch
The 'Ecstasea', one of Abramovich's super yachts
The ‘Ecstasea’, one of Abramovich’s other three super yachts

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