Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Washington port signs deal for manufacturer to build, operate small subs

The subs can hold up to five people.
From the Everett, Washington, News
Feb. 18
The Port of Everett has signed a five year lease with Ocean Gate, Inc. to occupy 3,600 square feet within the Waterfront Center, to develop, assemble and operate a fleet of next generation manned submersibles.

OceanGate is currently completing development of its 500meter, five-man submersible “Cyclops,” which requires the additional operations space and strategic Port of Everett location to complete sea trials and testing. Once complete, OceanGate will take the Cyclops submersible on a North American oceans awareness tour, conducting missions in the Pacific, Gulf and Atlantic oceans including dives on the USS Macon, the Flower Gardens and the Battle of the Atlantic.
“The Port of Everett represents an excellent operations location for our company,” said Neil McCurdy, Chief Operating Officer for OceanGate. “Due to the unique nature of the work we do, having immediate access to the water is critical. By combing multiple locations into our new space at the Port, OceanGate is increasing its productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. The Port of Everett is a high-quality facility that complements our operating and administrative needs.”
With the OceanGate lease in place, the Waterfront Center is at capacity, with the exception of 2,500 feet of shop space that will be left vacant when Bluewater Distilling’s expansion is complete in April.
“OceanGate is a great example of what can be accomplished when you mix of entrepreneurship, science, technology and manufacturing,” Port Commission President Troy McClelland said. “We are so excited to have them as one of our tenants. We have strategically invested in our facilities to create these opportunities for manufacturing and marine businesses. I am looking forward to watching their company grow, and expand their presence at the Port of Everett’s Waterfront Place.”
Tenant improvements are underway, and OceanGate will complete their entire relocation, including administrative offices by April.
About OceanGate, Inc:
OceanGate Inc., a privately held company founded in 2009, provides manned submersible solutions for industry, research and military applications. OceanGate solutions are designed to deliver an excellent return on investment in both time and capital resources for five principal markets: commercial enterprises, research and academic institutions, government and defense agencies, nonprofits and NGOs, and film and media content providers. Our expedition, charter and citizen science programs provide unique expeditions customized for each client experience. Through submersible solutions that leverage collaborative partnerships and the application of emerging technologies to specific oceanographic programs, OceanGate’s team of professionals provides safe, efficient, and effective operations. The company is committed to opening the oceans while remaining dedicated to the sustainable use of marine ecosystems and the natural resources within them.
About the Port of Everett:
The Port of Everett is a special purpose district tasked with economic development. Through its international shipping terminals, public marina and real estate development, the Port of Everett brings jobs, business and tourism to our community and region. The Port is committed stewards of the environment and the waterfront. Port activities support nearly 35,000 jobs in the surrounding community.

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