Thursday, February 12, 2015

S. Korea developing sub operation plan to counter N. Korea

Oh Seok-min, Yonhap News Agency, Feb 12

SEOUL -- The South Korean military plans to draw up a comprehensive operation plan on submarine capabilities to better deter potential threats by North Korea and other neighboring countries, officers said Thursday.
The plan will be part of the country's ongoing efforts to bolster its underwater capabilities and combat readiness. Earlier this month, the Navy inaugurated a submarine command in the southern port city of Jinhae that operates 13 submarines -- nine 1,200-ton submarines and four 1,800-ton subs.
"As our military's key capabilities in operational and strategic terms, the submarine command needs to materialize the proactive and offensive concept of operation suitable for the combat circumstances of our time," said Adm. Choi Yun-hee, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said during his visit to the command headquarters.
Noting that North Korea has revved up efforts to boost naval capabilities by developing submarines capable of firing submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBM) and a high-speed, wave piercing craft called the Very Slender Vessel (VSV), Choi instructed the troops there to horn "one shot, one sink" skills to counter enemies' provocations.
South Korea's intelligence said the communist country is believed to be developing the SLBM, and the U.S. website 38 North assessed that Pyongyang has built a new test stand on its eastern coast to research and develop such missiles. The VSV is believed to be aimed at infiltrating the inter-Korean sea boundary to quickly occupy South Korean border islands in case of war.

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