Sunday, February 15, 2015

Submarine students test the water at English base

Published: 14 Feb 2015
New students on one of the world’s toughest military training courses visited HMS Naval Base Clyde recently.

The six students - four from the Royal Navy, one from the US Navy and one from the French Maritime Nationale - are at the start of their five month intensive training course for submarine command.
The course, also known as the Perisher, is renowned for its challenging nature - only 70 percent of the officers undertaking it succeed, while those who fail can never serve onboard submarines again.
The new students visited the Navy’s newest attack submarine HMS Ambush at Faslane recently.
They are the first set of students to undertake the entire course onboard one of the navy’s new Astute Class submarines
Welcoming the students was Commander Justin Codd, the Commanding Officer of HMS Ambush, who will become the next leader of the course.
He said: “The Astute Class represent the future of the Royal Navy submarine service so it is vital that those who wish to become submarine commanders are fully familiar with the vessels.
“While parts of previous courses have been undertaken onboard an A-Boat, this will be the first time the entire course has been run on an Astute Class submarine.”

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